NH21 loves September! Autumn in the North, Spring in the South; either of which mark a significant shift in the energy of the planets ecosystems, and of individual human physiology as well.

What better time then, to take a discerning look at oneself and consider if there might be anything done to blow out the cobwebs and increase vitality for the season ahead?

NH21 can support this process with the 28 Day Health Challenge!

For people with specific health objectives who are willing to commit to a medium-term programme of dedicated self-care.

True health cannot be attained with a pill nor bought from a therapist. Each individual must take ownership and responsibility for the maintenance of their own body, mind and environment. No helper can do this for us, and the path to sustainable health can be extremely challenging.

Yet the results earned by practice each day will more than pay for the small sacrifices and discipline involved. The 28 Day Challenge includes four private consultations; helping to progressively identify your own unique needs, introduce complementary and natural principles of health, and reinforce those concepts with positive and sustainable behavioral change.

Examples of who may benefit include the following:

Active Lifestyle:

Increased physical activity requires increased levels of nutrition, and an understanding of key stages of body cadence; namely breaking-down of tissue (catabolism), repair and rebuilding (anabolism) and ongoing maintenance (homeostasis).

A high-performance car will not run properly with low-octane fuel in the tank. Synthetic sport enhancement products dressed-up in nutritional claims can play a destructive role in health; replacing important dietary components with selectively-fortified substances that do not address the question of proper nutrition.

A healthy balanced diet can support regular exercise by providing fuel to move the body; limiting the risk of injury and ill health from intense activity, and encouraging healing and repair of damaged tissue. If the diet does not provide enough energy to exercise, or to recover sufficiently, it is not properly designed to meet the body’s metabolic needs.

Physical activity promotes good health, yet over-exertion compromises immunity. The 28 Day Challenge for Active Lifestyle supports peak physical performance by combining the fundamental laws of nature with the latest advances in nutritional supplementation and health science.


Injury and ill-health are part of life. Healing is the process of restoring wellbeing, and the return to normal function following an unbalanced, diseased or damaged state.

During this period the body requires adequate rest, dense nutrition and therapeutic physical practices to support its innate regenerative capabilities. Additionally, harmful by-products from medicines such as antibiotics and painkillers need to be neutralized by the liver and removed from the body.

The 28 Day Challenge for Convalescence supports a return to health and strength, utilizing whole foods and nutritional supplementation, plus yoga therapy and lymphatic activation techniques.

Detox and Revitalization:

“Never underestimate the health benefits of having a good time!”

If we spend all our time becoming healthy there is no time left to enjoy the things that we want to be healthy for. Social eating and conviviality increase the pleasure of food and of being alive.

Yet, excess and over-indulgence can accumulate in body tissues resulting in lethargy, malaise and a tendency towards ill-health. Just as a responsible car owner would commit to its annual service, so too might we each take occasional steps toward easing the burden of digestion to promote systemic cleansing and the removal of toxicity from the body.

Often accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms known as the detox crisis, commitment to this plan requires effort and strength of mind. The 28 Day Challenge for Detox and Revitalization utilizes ancient cleansing techniques such as fasting and Shatkarma to redirect the body’s energies to any damaged or problematic areas.

For more information about the personalised health programmes, or to arrange your private health consultation, please contact tom@naturalhealth21.com / +27 (0) 71 877 0019